Friday, May 28, 2010

The Last Bag of Shit

This might be my last post in this blog, since after this post, I'll shift all my one-liners from this blog to my website, which will be a social networking-cum-merchandising site for all the one-liner writers of the world. This blog has been a great journey, it has made me an entrepreneur from just a writer.

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As for the last bag of wittyshit, here it goes:

Cool ones:
  • A million apples a day keeps Steve Jobs gay!
  • What would you call the situation when two narcissists interact? - CHAOS!
  • To understand the Master Creator, learn his art. Create.
  • All work and no pay makes Harsh a harsh boy.
  • Narcissism is healthy. If everybody in this world becomes narcissist, no one would feel unloved and lonely.
  • Some of the real friends that I've got were first made in the virtual world. Ironic but true.
  • Sometimes, all you need in your life is somebody. Somebody stupid to laugh at!
  • Impatience is bliss. It won't allow you to sit idle.
  • Winner stands alone, but never sleeps alone! Now, would you please stop twisting your dirty mind? He sleeps with his dreams.
  • Of all the things women possess, intellect appeal to me the most. Rarity charms, you know!
Profound ones:
  • Don't leave me for so long that I stop missing you.
  • If you've got no haters, then trust me, you're not doing anything worth admiring.
  • If you encounter discouraging people, feel bad, but feel bad enough to act so that you make them feel sorry for what they'd said.
  • Focus, otherwise it'll all be hazy.
  • Living is fun. Now it's up to you to decide how you're going to make fun and how you're going to take fun.
  • When your friend loses his/her temper, be patient, soft and considerate. You don't need to calm him/her down. You just need to be there and listen.
  • Togetherness is more pleasing than name, fame or money.
  • Little did I know that one day just one word would drive my life. Idea - what a word, what a thing!
  • I don't like keeping up with the pace. I like setting it up.
  • If only you know how joyous it is to create something - right from the scratch - you would never ever give up.
  • Light is incomplete without its absence!
  • Knowledge empowers, ideas inspire. Both together, ignite the inner fire.
  • Our passion resides just outside our comfort zone. Only if we're ready to take that extra step, could we meet it face to face.
  • India. This country is going to give me everything I would ever wish for.
  • Writing to entertain is real fun because you, while writing, are the one who gets entertained the most.
  • Do you know what constitutes passion? Surprisingly, it's 'love' - for oneself and for what one does.
  • The biggest truth of life: To do is so much easier than trying to do.
  • Artists can never be subdued. If they don't, their art will speak for them.
  • I've a gift. I can make myself laugh heartily, as and when I want to.
  • Why to waste your life's prime years in working for someone else's dreams, when your dreams hold far more importance than those?
  • Entrepreneurship : A splash into the kingdom of unknown, where the fall scares but at the same time, thrills.
  • 'If I had been stranded all-alone, she would have killed me.'
P.S. And in the end, it does matter. It was nice to have your 'tippanis' here, hope it comes again, for the very last time. Adieu. :)
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