Friday, April 30, 2010

'Straight' Expectations

Hi friends,

Trying to sound profound, expectations are of different nature - great, big, meagre, small, petty, huge. But in our case - 'our' refers to the sleeping co-authors of this blog, I would like to call your expectation from this blog straight. Straight expectations, because it's straightforward - witty and shitty(and sometime the other way round)!

Presenting another bag full of witty shit. Hope you enjoy your doze of bits and bites of wit and shit!

Cool ones:
  • The only good thing about prejudices is that sometimes they are so baseless that you can have a great roar of laughter on them.
  • I've made my girlfriend gay.
  • No matter how well we dress outside, we'll always be naked inside.
  • Little did I know that enthusiasm is required even for being enthusiastic.
  • Stay angry, (you'll) stay ghoulish.
  • There are some ideas that you really want to share with everyone just because it's so amazing, but you can't, just because it's so amazing.
  • Things are changing. No, I am.
  • Excitement has three levels - (a)high, (b)very high and (c)very very very very very very very (....continued till infinity) high. And I'm on the third level.
  • The best knowledge that IIT has given to me is 'I am not born to be an engineer.'
  • Marriage is the official way to convey to the world that you're fucked.
Profound ones:
  • I know why honesty is the best policy. It's because it fosters self-esteem like nothing else.
  • My life had no reason until I realized that it was meant to be shared, with you - only you.
  • Opportunities are everywhere. It takes an entrepreneur's eyes to catch hold of them.
  • Aspiration, without focussed action, is stagnation.
  • When you aspire, perspire.
  • A love story can never have an ending. However, it can always have a beginning.
  • Only a road less travelled can make you reach an unprecedented destination.
  • When the desire to live with your partner is more powerful than the desire to sleep with him/her, love develops.
  • I had never been so assertive for my wants, nor would I have ever been if it had not been for you.
  • If you can sleep with a smile on your face, you can call yourself healthy.
  • It's how we react, rather than act that determines the course of the day.
  • The worst experiences give you the best lessons!
  • An artist's imagination cannot be perceived with a cluttered mind.
  • Money is neither good nor bad, rather it is just necessary.
  • Advice is important, but to know when to take it and when to reject is more important.
  • When you've learnt to laugh at your stupidity rather than getting embarrassed, pat your back buddy because unknowingly you have started loving yourself.
  • The funny thing about life is when people don't show faith in you, you get immense faith in yourself to crush each and every barrier.
  • Taking risks cannot assure you 100% success, but it certainly can assure you that both success and failures will taste sweet.
  • Sorrow transmutes into either depression or creativity.
  • The most amazing reality of this life is that passion trickles down.
  • When the urge to make the idea in your head tangible supersedes the urge to make money out of it, you've learnt to be an entrepreneur. Otherwise, you remain a cunning businessman.
P.S. Happy commenting! ;)

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