Saturday, August 7, 2010


It's another set ready. Enjoy.
  • When goodwill prevails, good will prevail.
  • You can work when you're feverish only when your work is not just work, but your passion.
  • Thanks to facebook, the word 'status' has found an altogether different connotation. It no more signifies one's class and position in the society, but rather it stands for how interesting/boring the person is.
  • It's time to stop racing and start travelling together.
  • This is what my gtalk status says currently: "When I'm busy, I am invisible. When I am not, I am busy.
  • The best way to be righteous is to be happy. Happiness gives you faith in your choices and faith is all that's needed to be righteous.
  • The world would have been a much better place if, much like facebook, there hadn't be any option to dislike.
  • Earlier it was superiority or inferiority; now it's all complexed.
  • Q: What's life?
    A: It's certainly not to be answered. It's to be discovered.
  • Competition is not about crushing all your rivals. It's about letting them stand along with you and still making sure that they aren't able to supersede you.
  • ‎'On a serious note, this was a joke.' I like this line.
  • Isn't it funny that all the good teachers that I've encountered have inspired me to become a really good teacher sometime in life, but the bad ones have inspired me more.
  • When you consider yourself a learner instead of an expert in any field whatsoever, you'll never feel troubled with any criticism, genuine or not.
  • I sometimes wonder whether boredom is because of the outside world or inside.
  • When they say it can't be done, smile. You caught them lying openly, after all.
  • In the end, it's the end that matters.
  • Isn't it amazing that while reciting our tragic tale, we forget to be sad for all that time? Story-telling is indeed a divine art.
  • It's an amazing thing about TEAM that when they try to break it apart, it gets more united.
  • Passion is what drives your actions. Ambition is what drives your passion. Who's the boss then, did you get it?
  • The funny thing about life is that you're said to have lived your life when you actually have lived your dreams.
  • The language that can feel is the language that can heal.
  • Some people make me feel how could they ever get any friend at all. When I think for a while, I conclude, 'Because they are not "some".'
  • IIT-D: Bringing smiles to your family and wrinkles to your forehead, since 1960.
  • Friends can wait. Dreams can't.
  • While you were seeing the world, I was making mine. Be a trail-blazer, be an entrepreneur!
  • Do you want to be famous? Murder someone famous.
  • The best thing in being good with words is not that you can win hearts with your words, but rather, you can win over heartless ones with your words.
  • To break free from the rat race, you need to awaken the lion within. Dare, you'll fare.

  • ‎'When it ends with a smile, it is said to be fun.
    When it ends with a sigh, it is said to be done.' ;)

    And when it ends with a wink, it's said to be a pun.

  • If only it is making you anxious, can you be assured that you're completely into it.
  • Despite trying so hard to get over myself, I could not succeed. I wish my legs had been a little more flexible. ;)
  • Someone somewhere must be waiting for me desperately. I owe money to a lot of people, you see.
  • When writing becomes your life, writing makes your life.
  • Feel good. It feels good. :)
  • It's so pleasing to hear irrational criticism about what you're doing. You surely know that you've made the cynic jealous!
  • If you know how to write, it would not be too difficult for you to write your own destiny.
  • One day, our grandchildren will recite the great facebook proverb : "Like and let (them) like!" ;)
  • Do you know what distinguishes winners from losers? Winners despise those who don't do anything whereas losers despise those who do!
  • When your loved ones fight with each other for the very first time, it hurts. If they continue fighting for long, it hurts no more, since they are no more your loved ones.
  • I write not because I love writing. I write because I love reading what I write.
P.S. Why is it so necessary to write a P.S.?