Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shitters take it all!!!

Hi guys,

Maybe I am not as prolific but I'd love to present the latest stuff from my bin. Just read, reflect n ......... comment!! :) -
  • The root of all sins is..... less than 1.
  • How can a bye ever be good???
  • Only after you've been into the realms of a deep trance...... do you realise the value of consciousness!!! [TM]
  • You are rich if you can afford to be extravagant and still remain rich!!!
  • CAUTION : The success you are seeking is closer than it might appear to be!!!
  • Of all the sticky-notes I put up on my board, the only one that fell said, "Be true to yourself, and you will never fall!!"

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Witcraft

Hello friends,

It seems I am the only one who's posting on this blog, anyway, that does not hinder my spirit. I love blogging and love constructing one-liners quite a lot, and that will always make this blog alive. If you want to be a more regular reader of my one-liners, you can follow me on twitter, the link is on the right. So here I begin with my witcraft -

Cool ones :
  • The best thing in having a unique name is that you can google it and get you-specific results.
  • I know the best way to handle critics - ignoring them.
  • Having too much in common is quite uncommon.
  • It's funny seeing guys & girls boasting the tag-line 'waiting for someone special to come in my life'. What if their 'someone special' is also doing the same?
  • You can screw up even the things you're good at, but for doing that you need to be really good at screwing up.
  • God has given me two middle fingers for every problem.
  • If flirting is an art, then I am glad that I am not an artist.
  • Now that I'm rich, I'll become richer.
  • I love to be hated.
  • I have a headache and it's contagious.
  • Life without an ice-cream is like a journey through the desert, life with an ice-cream is like a journey with the dessert.
  • I have a headache in my ass.
  • I am not into studies anymore, I am into facebooking! =D
  • There are some things that I won't buy, and for those things there is mastercard.
  • Headache is something that I don't get when people are talking about me, I get it when they talk about themselves.
  • Only when you've become something do people start talking about you, and guess what, I've really become something.
Profound ones:
  • Once in a while, pause and thank God just because you're able to thank...
  • Life is more about how one tackles small problems than the big ones, since it's only the heap of the small ones that makes the big one.
  • It's quite difficult to strive for independence if someone is dependent on you.
  • I wonder why do they have just one day for thanksgiving, shouldn't each day be?
  • The more I acquired, the poorer did I become.
  • It is better to be alone and happy than to be together and sad.
  • One is never short of ideas for the person who means to you.
  • The night will always be good if you dream before you go to sleep.
  • Sometimes, you see more good people in the world than there were a moment before, since then you count yourself in...
  • If you're happy, then don't try to waste your time trying to decipher the reason.
P.S. A real friend is not the one who can share your sorrows but rather your happiness! So, share my happiness - share my name! =D