Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sinful Pleasure

The title phrase of this post has been taken from a book called 'Oops! 'I' fell in love!' by my best friend Harsh Snehanshu. So continuing with this new set, here I am 'buzz'ing with a new set of my one-liners, all thanks to facebook, which has captivated me in its idleness 'freak'-ism.

Cool ones :
  • Sometimes, I look good. And the problem is this sometimes comes too often.
  • It is difficult to manage two girls at the same time - especially when both of them are your younger sisters!
  • I've got a definition for the word 'facebook' - A website that works on a simple principle - 'we love to waste our time'.
  • I am in love with so many girls that I think I am gay.
  • Success stories don't have twists in the end, rather they have it in the beginning.
  • When the person telling a joke becomes a joke himself/herself, then we call it a PJ!
  • The only way to spoil your awesomeness is by preparing for exams.
  • Witticism is the best way to respond to criticism!
  • Hopeless but not romantic. That's how you feel before examinations.
  • I am very experienced in love, I have fallen in it several times.
  • If you don't like me then you're just jealous!
  • It's ironical that the best 'character' I can have in the stories I write is someone who is 'characterless'. I can make him do anything - without any second thought.
Profound Ones :
  • My actions do not speak louder than words because my action is nothing but speaking through words.
  • What if your inspiration to do something does that thing better than you and still s/he leaves that thing just to let you prove your niche in it. I think that is what is called as love.
  • You've been the best phase of my life and I'd been the worst in your life. Opposites did attract.
  • Now it's just me and my work. Since I've used an excuse of my work to break your heart, I'll make sure that my work always remains outstanding.
  • I am not living my life. I am living my dreams.
  • LOVE is Letting Off the Very Ego.
  • Nobody wants mediocrity in love, perhaps that's why most people fear to love.
  • I want to be an artist - an artist whose masterpiece will be remembered and called as 'his life'.
  • It is more important to have a mind full of ideas than to have a mind full of knowledge. The world is full of people brimming with knowledge. Interestingly, they are the ones who work under the directions of 'the men with the ideas'.
  • All the difficult situations come into my life when you're not with me, and they seem difficult just because you're not with me.
  • To become a leader, you first need to be a follower - so I say, 'follow your heart!'
P.S. Thanks for reading!