Saturday, August 15, 2009

The New Shit

Wit has taken a break, courtesy to the busy college life and ever-growing disdain with facebook-ing in general. So, here is a relatively 'chota' set of new shit -
  • I happen to be the best gift God has given to me.
  • I am just the reflection of my image.
  • You don't really need to read this!
  • Sometimes life gives you a second chance. Grab it before it becomes somebody else's first!
  • I don't make spelling 'mistaakes'!
  • Rain is such an enigma. It could be blissful to some and terror to someone else. Just as studies are...
  • A child is the father of man. But the unanswered question that remains is - who is the mother then?
  • Few people in this world are sheer geniuses, and they're so amazing just because they are 'few'.
  • Geniuses don't do amazing things; they just do the things they're amazing at.
  • The secret to good writing is to read more than you've written and to write more than you've read.
  • The most amazing truth of life is life itself.
  • Inspiration is just a step away, provided you take that step with your 'right' foot.
  • Something can be called your 'passion' if it can make you lose your sleep; something can be called your 'gift' if it can make others lose their sleep for it.